Does Any of This Sound Like Your Horse?

General Issues

  • Can't touch his (ears, tail, belly...)
  • Hard to worm
  • Hates fly spray/any spray/water hose
  • Hard to clip/shave
  • Nips/bites
  • Pushy - doesn't respect your space
  • Farrier's worst nightmare (feet issues)
  • Vet's worst nightmare (shots, etc)
  • Trailer loading is a battle

Getting Ready to Ride

  • Hard to catch
  • Hard to halter/bridle (high head)
  • Won't lead/stay with you
  • Drags you around when leading
  • Won't circle (lunge)
  • Won't tie
  • Hard to saddle/cinch
  • Won't stand for mounting
  • Takes off as soon as mounted

During the Ride

  • Won't go ("lazy")
  • Goes too much (rushes)
  • Won't back up
  • Generally hard to control (turning etc)
  • Won't maintain desired gait
  • Won't canter/lope (or on correct lead)
  • Hard to find smooth gait (gaited horses)
  • Buddy/barn sour
  • Spooks at everything
  • Has to be in the lead on the trail
  • Won't cross water
  • Won't step over/jump logs etc.
  • Can't open a gate while mounted
  • Rushes up or down hills
  • Won't stay on the rail (showing)

This list could go on and on and on.........

We aren't including behavior like cribbing, chewing, serious aggression, and the like -- only common problems you have when interacting with your horse.

Here's the good news: 

You absolutely do not have to put up with any of these behaviors.

You certainly don't need to get rid of a horse that has some "issues" in the hopes of getting one that doesn't.

I guarantee you -- the next one may not have the same problems, but he'll come with a set of his own.

Wouldn't it be better to learn how to figure out WHY your horse does what he does (there's always a reason), so you can then change the behavior?

Yes, it's going to require some work on your part, and some persistence and patience, but it's not rocket science. 

Some issues are solved within minutes (and of course consistency from that point forward). Others require more time.


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