Why Krider Confident Horsemanship

You must be a confident leader so your horse learns he can trust you. If you have his trust, he'll do anything for you. Fear, Intimidation and Force have no place in the horse world.


Our first concern is always safety for both horse and rider. You will never be pushed to do something before you both are ready.


We believe if you aren't having fun, we're doing something wrong. Horses thrive on play as well so it must be fun for them.


You will learn the tools you need in order to perform the tasks you desire. We put purpose to your practice. If you think like a horse it's easy to figure out why he's doing what he does.

Meet Sue

Like most little girls — I was horse crazy from an early age, riding any chance I got. Summer spent on my grandparents’ ranch in Colorado were heaven. All through my life any time I had the chance, I went horseback riding.

I wasn’t able to have my own horses until I was grown with children of my own. It was then I realized how little I actually knew about horses, other than to “kick them to go and pull on the reins to stop”. It’s a wonder I survived.

They say your “problem” horse teaches you the most. Boy did I get an education! My first horses were a big pushy half quarter horse/half thoroughbred gelding and a crazy 4-year old Arabian mare. Luckily I became friends with some horsewomen who pointed me towards the Parelli horsemanship program. I know it absolutely saved my life.

That was over 20 years ago and since then I’ve spent hundreds of hours having fun and challenging myself with many different horses. Besides all the clinics and training I’ve invested in, we’ve trail ridden all across the country, shown in big arenas, participated in playdays, worked cows, competed over obstacles, and much more. My husband and I even owned and operated an RV Park/Horse Campground in a trail riding mecca in Tennessee for several years. I had plenty of opportunity to help people in that setting.

While living in Arizona, I was hired as a horse trainer/handler for a therapeutic riding program. I worked their horses and trained their staff in horse handling during lessons for the autistic children they treated.

My clients have ranged from folks who need help with just one issue (like trailer loading), to those needing more overall help so they feel more confident with anything they want to do with their horses.

Though I’ve had different breeds, my husband and I have settled on gaited horses for our own herd. Since our main pastime for quite a while was trail riding, there’s nothing like the ground covering smooth ride they offer.

However, horsemanship is horsemanship — it doesn’t matter what kind of animal you have. Even donkeys, mules and the occasional “zorse” have been trained with these methods. It also doesn’t matter what discipline or sport you’re into. Every horse needs to have a great foundation in order to perform well.

I truly enjoy helping and teaching others what I’ve learned, especially since I have first-hand knowledge of the effectiveness of these skills. I believe you should never stop learning. No matter your level, you can always learn something new.

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Our Herd

We've had many horses over the years.....these have been with us quite a while.
krider horsemanship

Nash aka Star of Pusher

Chairman of the Board

Nash is a 19-year old registered Tennessee Walking Horse. He and Mark have been best buddies Nash was about 9 months old. He is a big boy with a sweet disposition. But make no mistake -- he is the BOSS of the herd.

krider horsemanship

Dollar aka Show Me the Bucks

Creative Director

Dollar is a 17-year old registered TWH. Sue custom ordered him and has owned him since he hit the ground. Dollar can come up with ways to make you think outside the box. He is precocious and very friendly.

krider horsemanship

Dusty aka Call Me Sundust

Professor Emeritus

The old man of the herd - at 24 Dusty has been there, done that. In the 20+ years he has been a member of the family, he and Sue have done everything from playday events, showing, obstacle competitions, and tons of trail riding. The first TWH Sue ever owned, he has been her steady Eddie for many years.

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People Are Talking

krider horsemanship

Sherrie R.

Malakoff TX

If you want to see what true natural horsemanship looks like...Sue has mastered it! Our National Show horse (Arab Saddlebred cross) would not load after losing one eye. He had spent six weeks in intensive care in an equine hospital and was very nervous and unpredictable. We had to transport him twice after his injury and each time it took an hour and a half to get him on the trailer. He loaded perfectly before the injury. The first time I called on Sue was to load him at yet another vet clinic. She was gentle, patient and persistent. I watched amazed, as she kept him focused on her and was able to load him with far less stress than anyone else had; all in less than 20 minutes. No force needed. We have continued to benefit from her expert skill-set and knowledge. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. She is very conscientious, generous and kind. I totally trust her with my horses.

krider horsemanship

Patricia B.

Brownsboro TX

I have taken weekly lessons from Sue for over two years and recommend her highly.
She tailors the lessons to the riders experience level yet still subtly pushes them to keep moving forward.
My horses and I are better because of her .

krider horsemanship

Alison G.

Tucson AZ